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Expect random things here.

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So, some of you might have noticed that I posted a bunch of pixel arty pieces just now. They come from my art blog over at tumblr, but don't be surprised if you had never heard of it before!

At some point few years back I was bored out of my mind, so I decided to take draw requests anonymously on 4chan. It was nothing special, but at some point an anonymous poster told me to make a tumblr or something. "Eh, why not" I thought, since I didn't really use my main tumblr blog for anything (and still don't), so it gave me something to do on the site. Just to remain semi-anonymous, I adopted a "randumbdrawfag"* handle (which later became "Dr. Randumb"). I drew some more, and had fun doing it, but then at some point I made some crude pixel art pieces. People liked them enough that I kept making more, and I ended up falling in love with the medium. As I kept doing more pixel art and learning new things along the way, the blog started to get some traction, but this basically meant I couldn't draw in my "normal" style or what have you, because people would connect two and two together if they were sharp enough, and I was afraid of this for some reason. I don't really know why. However, I really wanted to make some pixel art under my "MrPoniator" handle, but again, I didn't want people to make those connections. However, last February I made Derpy's Kitchen's as a test to see how it would be like to make a video with pixel art. Instead of making a new, separate youtube account I decided to throw my arms up in the air, and made the connection between my two blogs public knowledge.

After all that stuff, people have pestered me enough on tumblr to post my pixel art on deviantART as well, so here we are.

TL;DR: I'm silly. Enjoy the pixel art I'm posting here from now on. I'll make a mental note to post announcements for new videos on YouTube, too.
Oh, and if you're interested I have a Patreon these days, apparently.

(* The reason for this name choice was because people often described my season 2 animations as "randumb humor", so I thought it was fitting.)

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also known as Dr. Randumb
You can find my YouTube account here:…
Also check out my pixel-art at:

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It might take me a while to notice notes and comments here.

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Thank you kindly.
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You are amazing, and you deserve more.
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